Terms & Conditions

  1. We are members of The Pallet Network(TPN)and as such provide a kerbside delivery service of palletised freight. Drivers should not be asked to enter private premises. Deviation from a kerbside delivery may result in the driver asking you to sign a disclaimer
  2. On entering commercial/industrial premises our drivers will adhere to the current policies and procedures employed at those sites
  3. Hazardous chemicals and goods cannot be transported through TPN. Certain chemical substances can be carried by us in limited quantities, please enquire before shipping
  4. There is a 20-minute time limit for any delivery or collection being made by us
  5. IF A POD IS SIGNED FOR CLEAN BY YOURSELVES OR YOUR CUSTOMER AND SUBSEQUENTLY DAMAGES ARE FOUND THESE WILL NOT BE COVERED BY INSURANCE AND SCS WILL NOT BE LIABLE. Please ask your customer to check the goods before signing. If a POD is signed for clean and damages highlighted after delivery, then there is no proof that damages occurred in transit
  6. All goods are carried under RHA terms and conditions. Carrier liability is £5 per kilo and extra insurance is available on request. Consequential loss is not covered and in rare instances of claims the cost is not to be deducted from outstanding invoices but settled in accordance with insurance procedure
  7. Standard delivery times are between 0900 and 1700 hours. Timed deliveries and booked slots can be made at an additional cost to standard carriage
  8. Goods must be packed on undamaged pallets and safely stacked, banded and/or wrapped. It is at the driver’s discretion if badly packed goods are refused at collection point
  9. There is a height limit of 2.2 metres and a weight limit of 1500kgs. Oversized freight will be channelled through TPN’s XL service
  10. Standard pallet space is 1.2 x 1.2 with one axis only having a 20cm discretion. Anything over this footprint will be charged as two pallet spaces and so on
  11. Tail lift deliveries will not be accepted over 1tonne maximum. Pump trucks do not work on anything other than smooth surfaces such as concrete so apologies, your tonne of soil will not be taken down the gravel path and over the crazy paving
  12. Please provide contact numbers for delivery sites
  13. Please provide dimensions and weights for your pallets so that the appropriate vehicle can be sent, and night trunks loaded safely
  14. Pallet and wrap removal is at the driver’s discretion. Waste disposal is a costly affair for us

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